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Dirt Cheap Guide to Tokyo Sean Mackaay

Dirt Cheap Guide to Tokyo

Sean Mackaay

Published July 15th 2014
Kindle Edition
145 pages
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 About the Book 

Get the most out of your vacation with the Dirt Cheap Guide to Tokyo. Do you want to have a memorable trip, while keeping your wallet smiling? Spare the spending of your life savings, and learn the necessary tricks that allow you to capture the true essence of Tokyo at an affordable budget.From the minute you touch down in Tokyo, you are transformed into a life revolving around an entirely different culture. This guide will let you in on all of the secrets only a true local could share. Do you need a comfortable but budget friendly place to stay? Reliable transportation to get to all the great restaurants? The Dirt Cheap Guide to Tokyo has you covered!This golden guide to Tokyo has a clear and concise user-friendly index and is filled with information that is often overlooked by your typical guide books. Tokyo is brimming with opportunities, so upon arrival theres no time to get distracted. We will help you find the hot spots to take full advantage of your trip.This Dirt Cheap Guide has been created to offer you simple and clever strategies into stretching your budget to get the most bang for your buck! Get your bags packed, forget anything those old guides have taught you and join in on all of the necessary cheats into conquering Tokyo.